With more than twenty years of experience and having the latest machines under the supervision of skilled technicians, our company is one of the suppliers of LDPE-based cellophane.

These products are used to cover low-tide tunnels and jelly products, as well as cleansing and disinfecting soils.

Greenhouse coatings are not only protective coatings for plants but also have many other benefits that ultimately lead to more healthy and resistant products.

Air bubble nylon shock absorber with the ability to produce in print, plain and colored background as well as production in 2 layers, 3 layers, 4 layers and 5 layers can be produced.

One of the most important things when packing in different industries is the stretch pallet strap. Stretch Packaging Roll is also known in the market as roll stretch or cellophane packaging.

Shrink pallet packed covers protect your pallets from the weather. It also protects your products from dirty and dusty environments.

Nylex Stirrup is one of the most widely used types of plastic bags that we all need every day to buy food and goods.

Good and sufficient irrigation is essential for all plants and is the main factor of good harvest. Therefore, choosing the right water transfer nylon will help you to provide the required soil moisture even in the absence of gardeners.

Nylon is a type of blowing film made from polyethylene. The four elements carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen are the building blocks of nylon.

Mattress manufacturers use mattress wrapping nylon to protect their products. This nylon is made of thick plastic and is the size of a single and double mattress.

Nylexes are widely used to carry a variety of loads and are produced using heavy polyethylene, which is dry, non-transparent, and slightly opaque, so it can withstand very high loads.